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A mobile incident logging, collaboration and reporting app. Power up the way you report incidents.

Redlist it.

The Redlist App

What it’s About

An incident reporting tool in the hands of your workforce, ready wherever and whenever an incident occurs.

Incidents can be logged in a few taps using an icon-based incident card, and simple mobile interface. Log incidents, hazards and near-misses as they happen.

Descriptions, images, videos and audio clips can be attached for accurate incident awareness.

Once an incident is logged, stakeholders are notified according to criticality.

Collaboration to achieve effective incident resolution takes place within an incident’s log via structured text messaging. Add and view information, questions, problems, actions and resource activations.

Monthly, customised incident reports are sent to you, providing insight into areas of risk.

Archived incident logs can be used for real-time or retrospective reporting and filters allow viewing of specific groups of incidents.

Incident eventsĀ can be detailed according to incident type, asset affected, activity at the time, criticality, location and time.

Organisational risk goals can be set and progress measured as often as required.

Reporting using discrete categories allows organisational risk pattern analysis to identify areas of higher risk. The same discrete categories allow objective measurement of the effect of incident interventions and preventative strategies.

Key Features


Customisable Categories


Detailed Reporting


Live Incident Collaboration


Secure Data Handling

Incident analysis so you can see and understand your risk.

Customised Reporting

Individual Report Design

Set up reports specific to your department or organisation – choose the areas where you want more detail and decide which risk patterns you want to analyse.

Set Risk Goals

Choose your risk reduction goals and measure your progress objectively. See trends on how well you are achieving your goals and the effect of your risk interventions.

Adjustable Levels of Detail

Choose what is most valuable for your risk reporting – high level overviews of some areas (e.g. number of incidents reported) and high levels of detail for others (e.g. number of high criticality slip and fall incidents occurring after dark on weekends).

Update Reports as you Progress

Report design can be changed as your risk interests evolve. Your initial report design and report frequency can be added to with more detail in your areas of interest.


How the App Works

Type of Incident

Categorise each incident according to Type i.e. Medical (e.g. injury), Business (e.g. complaint), Criminal (e.g. theft), Physical (e.g. breakdown), Disaster (e.g. flood)


What was happening when the incident took place? Activities of Daily Living (e.g. dressing), Working (e.g. desk work), Transport (e.g. small aircraft flight), Leisure (e.g. sport), Organisational Activites (e.g. sales)

Report Type

Allow users to report Near-Misses (incidents that nearly happened), Hazards (incidents that could happen) and Incidents that have occurred/are occurring.

Asset Affected

Select the asset involved in the incident – People (e.g. staff member), Physical Assets (e.g. truck), Animals and the Environment (e.g. surroundings), Business Assets (e.g. reputation)


Select from your pre-defined list of locations (e.g. Head Office, Building Site) and add GPS locations when known – automatically or manually.



Select the criticality of the incident using a colour-graded sliding scale rangingĀ from 1 = Minor to 5 = Life threatening. Higher criticality incidents trigger push notifications higher in your organisation.

Incident Taxonomies are customised for your organisation and industry so you can log and report on the risks that matter to you.

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